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On Tuesday 30 October 2018, the press conference “The Battle of Aisos against osteosarcoma” was held in the Hall of the Institute of Santa Maria in Aquiro, at the Senate of the Republic, in Piazza Capranica, in Rome.

Sen. Edoardo Patriarca, National President of the Italian Donation Institute, did the honors by opening the conference by talking about the logic of giving and the importance of doing things because they are beautiful and important and not just for convenience.

The moderator of the conference, the economic journalist Pietro Romano, then gave the floor to Dr. Terracciano, President of AISOS, who presented the association and its objectives of maximizing the chances of recovery through timely diagnosis which can only be reached through the widespread dissemination of information and knowledge of osteosarcoma.

In fact, osteosarcoma is a relatively rare and little known disease and Federico Bergaminelli, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs of AISOS, recalled how he came to know this pathology only by chance and how it is absolutely necessary to engage in everyday life to talk to the people and spread their knowledge as much as possible.

Prof. Carlo Della Rocca, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of La Sapienza and President of the Scientific Committee of AISOS, also stressed the importance of information and knowledge of the disease which serves to ensure timely diagnosis and maximization the probability of recovery and the need to find ways to fund research to carry out the best projects and the most brilliant professionals that unfortunately the university world is less and less able to attract.

Also for this reason, the lawyer Michele Licata, member of the AISOS Board of Directors, recalled the importance of institutions and hoped for their increasingly decisive role in favoring the third sector.

Prof. Giulio Maccauro, Head of the Gemelli Polyclinic, proposed a reflection on the important role of AISOS in the life of osteosarcoma patients, both Italian and foreign, who have to face a long and difficult path in which it is necessary to have reference points in able to guide and guide and sustain the hope of success as well as a real opportunity for survival.

Prof. Giovanbattista Vizzini, doctor and Chief Medical Officer of UPMC Italy, told the story of the Palermo transplant center developed with the collaboration of the University of Pittsburgh medical center and how this experience can be replicated at the service of AISOS objectives.

Finally, Giorgio Spaziani Testa, President of Confedilizia, illustrated Confedilizia’s involvement in support activities for causes of solidarity and the concrete commitment to both material and dissemination support for AISOS on all channels potentially available by signing a memorandum of understanding for the promotion of AISOS knowledge among the members and in all the offices where Confedilizia can physically operate.

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