Osteosarcoma is the most terrible form of cancer that mostly affects children and adolescents.
But we can fight it.



The incidence of osteosarcoma in the world is 1 in 650,000 cases.
It mainly affects children and young people in the first and second decade of life.
The therapeutic path of each little patient lasts 24 months




For donations AISOS uses Donorbox and Stripe which ensure the highest international standards for the security of online transactions

Additional ways to donate

Donating via Donorbox / Stripe is simple and safe but you can also donate directly by bank transfer (in this case, remember to indicate your tax code in the description to allow us to fulfill legal obligations)

Bank account in the name of AISOS at Banco BPM
IBAN: IT88B 05034 03255 000000000378

Bank account in the name of AISOS at Poste Italiane
IBAN: IT92 J 07601 03200 000062559356

For every Euro donated


Are used to treat our little patients dealing with osteosarcoma


Are used to collect funds for osteosarcoma research


Are used to keep our organization alive

Tax treatment of donations

AISOS is an Italian Organization of Volunteers.
If you have a tax residence in Italy you can decide on the tax benefits to apply to your case

  • deduct 30% of the amount donated from the gross tax, up to an annual maximum of 30,000 Euros
  • deduct donations, in cash or in kind, from your total net income, for an amount not exceeding 10% of the total declared income and, in any case, up to a maximum of 70,000 Euros per year.

If you are a tax resident outside Italy, the regulations of your country of residence will apply.

To evaluate the most suitable options for your case, contact your trusted advisor. In any case, each year in the month of March we will send you a summary of the donations made during the previous year.

AISOS since 2004 against osteosarcoma

AISOS Italian Association of Osteosarcoma Study has been operating since 2004 nationally and internationally for the fight against osteosarcoma. It is made up of a high-level professional network of volunteer doctors and is involved in the following activities

  • welcome patients and their families and create a structured and protected path
  • organize training and information events for doctors and health professionals;
  • offer consultancy, guidance and diagnosis activities;
  • organize dissemination and updating events;
  • promote research activities;
  • following patients and their families before, during and after the intervention through a psychoanalysis and psychotherapy center