An integrated and coordinated therapeutic path for osteosarcoma patients and their families

AISOS Mission

The main task of the Italian Association of Osteosarcoma Study is the aggregation and communication between the various sectors of medicine and with the other professionals in the health sector, with the aim of operating in all social and health sectors for the protection of individuals affected by osteosarcoma and their families.

To this end the association:
  • promotes research activities
  • offers counseling, guidance and diagnosis
  • welcomes patients and their families by creating a structured and protected pathway
  • follows patients and their families before, during and after the intervention through a psychoanalysis and psychotherapy center
  • organizes dissemination and updating events
  • organizes training and information events for physicians and health professions personnel

The AISOS project stems from the awareness that the complexity of the public assistance network makes it difficult to access fundamental services for the support of people in a condition of direct suffering and discomfort and that factors such as sectorization, the different reading of the need and the distribution of resources within the daily organization do not allow the coordinated action of an intervention.

In fact, from admission to discharge, the patient must be channelled into an integrated and coordinated therapeutic pathway and must be supported or, in any case, contained in the treatment project initiated.

The AISOS project intends to consolidate a process of planning and coordination of care, integrated between institutions, services, and solidarity networks. Because the effectiveness of health care passes through rational coordination of available resources.

On this premise, the primary objective becomes the organization of the resources already present on the territory together with the action of assistance to the non-self-sufficient person, rendered no longer in clinical or functional terms, but in those strictly corresponding to the quality of life.