Solidarity favors

Solidarity favors

The tradition of the favor is a symbolic gesture of sharing and gratitude towards those who participate in a special event. You can make it even more meaningful by choosing to donate the AISOS Solidarity Parchment, and contribute to the care and assistance of children with osteosarcoma and their families. The AISOS Solidarity Parchment will not only make your gift more special, but also give the opportunity to help us concretely in our mission.

Choose the AISOS Solidarity Parchment that you prefer for your special occasion and fill out the form below. We will contact you for the necessary information to finalize your donation.

The purchase of an AISOS Solidarity Parchment is a voluntary contribution in the form of a liberal donation, which can allow you to deduct part of the cost incurred from taxes (check with your accountant). This means that in addition to the value of the gift itself, you can take advantage of a tax benefit.

The AISOS Solidarity Parchment is a gesture that goes beyond the material value of the gift. It is a gesture that communicates solidarity and sensitivity towards those who fight the battle against osteosarcoma, giving them the hope and strength necessary to face daily challenges.

Contact us for your solidarity parchment. A concrete and significant choice, which can make a difference in the lives of many people.

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