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A volunteer is a person who, having fulfilled the duties of each citizen, makes his time and skills available for others, for the community to which he belongs, or for the whole of humanity. He works freely and gratuitously by promoting creative and effective responses to the needs of the recipients of his action or by contributing to the realization of common goods.”

Charter of values of volunteering, art. 1

Why become an AISOS volunteer?

In addition to being terrible, osteosarcoma is a rare, little known disease.

This means that patients are at risk of being diagnosed late or being alone in facing a battle greater than themselves. For this reason, awareness, information and support are fundamental tools in the fight against osteosarcoma.

Many people have already decided to donate some of their time and talent to support AISOS in the fight against osteosarcoma: they are the testimony of our commitment and the values we want to transmit.

These are people like you, ordinary people, they are often those who have defeated osteosarcoma, also thanks to AISOS, and who are involved in making a difference.

If you too want to help us in our action to support those who suffer and to raise awareness of the community on how important it is to defeat Osteosarcoma, contact us and become part of our network!