We are looking for responsible and supportive companies

Sharing the mission of AISOS and concretely supporting the funding of research against osteosarcoma can enrich your brand with prestige and meaning. An enrichment that becomes explicit towards every type of interlocutor, from employees, to shareholders, to customers, to suppliers.

Socially responsible companies, in fact, are becoming increasingly recognized in the eyes of public opinion, ready to reward the value of a commitment to scientific, social and cultural progress of the entire community.

How can you contribute

Liberal disbursements
Donating to AISOS is simple, fast and brings life expectancy to many children with osteosarcoma. In addition, generosity pays off: all donations to AISOS are tax deductible.

Donation of goods and skills
Offering your knowledge and what we do best is a beautiful way to make yourself available to the community.

CONTACT US to start collaborating with AISOS and win osteosarcoma together!

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Trattamento fiscale delle donazioni

With the Third Sector Reform (Legislative Decree 117/2017) donating is even cheaper.

The deductibility of up to a maximum of 10% of the total declared income is applied to donations in cash or goods paid by companies or non-commercial entities without the absolute limits that were provided for by the previous legislation.

If your company doesn’t have a fiscal representative in Italy, the laws of the country in which your company has fiscal residence will apply.

This applies to all donations made through a financial intermediary, therefore not to those in cash. 

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