Become an AISOS member

Why become an AISOS member?

In AISOS we have been working since 2004 to provide increasingly effective assistance services and treatment protocols to small patients suffering from Osteosarcoma, also thanks to the funding of scholarships, training and orientation courses, research projects.

AISOS members, thanks to their continuous support, are the first architects of all this.

How to become an AISOS member

To become an AISOS member, it is sufficient to pay the annual membership fee corresponding to the type of membership chosen:

  • Junior member (if you are up to 30 years old)
  • Ordinary Member
  • Supporting Member

To pay the fee, simply fill out the form on this page and choose the preferred payment method: credit card, PayPal, or direct debit on a current account (SDD)

AISOS uses Donorbox and Stripe which ensure the highest international standards for the security of online transactions