A gesture of love projected into the future

AISOS is the national reference point for the treatment of osteosarcoma, the primary cancer of the bone, and works every day to support the young patients and their families, throughout the process they have to face to recover from osteosarcoma.

We have been active since 2004 and we want to continue to be there every day because the future of children affected by this disease is also the future of our country.

A bequest is a deed of gift written in your will. A simple gesture, a gesture of love, to support forever the causes you believe in, which does not in any way harm the rights of your loved ones and your family members: you will leave something of you in the world, a sign that will forever speak of you.

Thanks to the decision to bequeath to AISOS, a child will be able to grow up and live a normal life also thanks to the contribution that you have given to the improvement of diagnostic techniques, therapeutic protocols, assistance, and support methods that we will be able to promote.

How does it work

Making a will allows you to decide how to manage your possessions for the future, respecting your ideals and also the law: a part of the estate always belongs to the legitimate heirs, spouse and children or, in the absence, the parents.

In one’s will it is possible to remember the people we love most and at the same time to allocate to entities such as AISOS ODV

  • the entire assets or a portion thereof
  • a sum of money, securities, shares, investment funds, company shares, life policies or severance pay
  • real estate such as houses, land, properties

There are many ways to make a will, it can be done at any time and can be changed as many times as you want.

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