Fabrizio Macchi

Fabrizio Macchi is an athlete and road cyclist.

At 13 he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, but his pain and difficulties did not stop him!

After 14 surgeries and several cycles of chemotherapy, in 1986 he underwent an amputation of his left leg. But after leaving the hospital he started practicing various sports: marathon, high jump, long jump, and, after leading Alberto Tomba in the winter of 1996, he discovered his greatest passion, cycling.

He participated in the Paralympic Games, in 2000 in Sydney, and in 2004 in Athens where he won the bronze medal in the pursuit.

Fabrizio Macchi is one of the best known Paralympic athletes in the world: to date, he has won ten world medals, two of which are gold, four European medals, and twenty-six Italian championships.

He has always been active in defending the rights of the disabled and has been the testimonial of AISOS – the Italian Association of OSteosarcoma Study – since the foundation of the association.

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