During diagnosis

During the first phase, the neuropsychiatrist meets three times with the patient’s parents, in a very short period of time, in order to build therapeutic alliance with them and to evaluate their family resilience using of appropriate tests that are given to the children and/or teens as well as to their parents.

The neurotherapist introduces to the patient’s parents the “support partner” who will follow the patient once a week upon their authorization. Health care professionals (graduate student, psychologist, rehabilitation therapist) are informed and supervised during the project and back up children and/or teens’s resilience with a concrete and daily support, in normal moments as well as during operation and rehabilitation. They are an important intermediating figure between patients and the outside world. They are not psychotherapists but very specialized rehabilitation therapists.

The need of a psycotherapist for the patient or the family depends on the case. When needed, the most appropriate time and type  are taken into consideration (focal or prolonged).