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AISOS Onlus (Italian Association of Osteosarcoma Study) and UPMC Italy (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) have signed an agreement aims at fighting osteosarcoma, a primary bone tumor that mainly affects children in the first years of life and young age and that counts, in Italy, just over 100 cases a year and in general an incidence of 1 case out of 650,000.

The goal of the alliance is to increase successful cases in the treatment of this disease through the merger between the clinical facilities and technological resources for research available to UPMC and the recognized expertise in the clinical, neuropsychiatric and scientific research fields of AISOS.

In the agreement between the two structures, the key elements are the following:

  • the establishment of a UPMC-AISOS multifunctional center which will be hosted at the UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome
  • UPMC’s willingness to host about 10 young osteosarcoma patients every year at its welcoming and technologically advanced facilities
  • the establishment of a UPMC-AISOS scientific research team that will operate both in the biomedical field and in the study of new “intelligent” prostheses

The event was attended, by Dr. Francesca Maddalena Terracciano, President of AISOS, Prof. Bruno Gridelli, CEO of UPMC Italy and Executive Vice President of UPMC International, Prof. Carlo Della Rocca, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of the La Sapienza University and President of the AISOS Scientific Committee, Dr. Giovanni Vizzini, Chief Operating Officer UPMC Italy and UMPC Health and Scientific Director Salvator Mundi International Hospital, and Fabrizio Macchi Paralympic athlete and AISOS ambassador.

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