Psycotherapeutic support

The neuropsychiatric team is composed of: a pediatric neuropsychiatrist two psychotherapists (pediatric neuropsychiatrists or psychologists), a tester and a “support partner”.

Our association calls pediatric neuropsychiatrists when a patient is suspected to have osteosarcoma. Pediatric neuropsychiatrists share the diagnosis process with the whole medical team that is working on the patient and helps them communicate the diagnosis to the patients and to their families.  They also help them find the proper customized therapy for that specific patient and related family using the concept of resilience.

Resilience is the ability to cope with crisis and overcome life challenges. It is based on people’s strong points rather than on their weak points and deficits. The main purpose of the neuropsychiatric team working on this type of pathologies is evaluating the resilience of the family, patients and professionals working on the case in order to work on the trauma and on their strong points.

A family-resilience-centered approach aims at identifying and strenghtening the crucial interactive processes allowing families to resist and react to any critical and potentially disgregating contingencies. This would shift their perspective from a damage-centered vision to a vision that tries to find positive development and recovery potential in discomforting aspects.