AISOS role

What is A.I.S.OS.’s role?

A.I.S.OS. welcomes and supports patients with osteosarcoma and their families.

Osteosarcoma is a primitive malignant tumor affecting slightly over 100 people every year. 70% of them are children and teens.

Diagnosing osteosarcoma is very difficult and it also requires a very high level of expertise. After diagnosis, patients and their families need help to tackle with the material and emotional challenges of a 24-month therapy and rehabilitation path. A.I.S.OS. and its team of professionals focus on patients in every moment: before, during and after the operation which is necessary in 90% of the cases.

A.I.S.OS. NPO fights against osteosarcoma by:

  • training and informing specialist doctors, health care professionals as well as patients’ families in order to guarantee a sure and timely diagnosis.
  • providing the support of a team of psychotherapists for patients and their families, from diagnosis through therapy and rehabilitation.
  • rehabilitation to create a protocol to use along with the existing ones to help reinsert patients into the society.
  • contribution to researches through studies such as that on Micro Vescicles to identify molecles blocking osteosarcoma’s methastases to treat all neoplasias and sarcomas of the same type.

Children more easily process and defeat the disease than adults. However, A.I.S.OS.’s support is crucial to help their reinsertion into the society after the operation. Our psychoanalysis and psycotherapy programmaes allow children to live in close contact with other patients who have recovered from the disease and this gives them strenght and motivation to create long-term projects for their life.