For a reserach protocol for this type of onchological patients, specific partners are required such as:

  • Suppliers and Partners:
    • Healthcare Assistance Services: Recovery and intervention institutes
    • Information Services: geographic network
    • Instrument Resources Services
  • ASL : district local health units
  • City: Department 5 social affairs
  • Region:
    • Department of Social Politics
    • Department of Health and Human Services

A responsible is required for each sector:

  • General Direction
  • Social direction
  • Health direction
  • Responsible of Operative Units

Following are the conditions to coordinate the intervention: working closely with clinicians and hospital and home healthcare assistants. Preparing good home treatment when patients are resigned, organizing protected resignations and informing GPs who will be in charge of patients’ future therapy.

Our organization will coordinate the services to make the intervention successful.

Our organization receives warnings from:

  • Managers of the resignation department;
  • Local health units of the patients that will use our service based on their therapy needs;
  • Local social services;
  • Home help centers;
  • Volunteers;
  • Families