AISOS Project

Infant or adolescent oncological patients: osteosarcoma

INTRODUCTION: A research proposal for integrated assistance to infant and adolescent oncological patients, with osteosarcoma in this specific case, raises from clinical and social considerations. It has been observed that with the current assistance system, patients tend to isolate themselves more and and neglect their treatment.

The complexity of the public assistance network make it complicated for patients, families as well as for people assisting them when the disease or disability become too serious to access major assistance services.

Based on our professional experience in the treatment and health care assistantance, we have observed that sectoralization, different interpretation of needs and daily distribution of resources impede proper coordination.

As a matter of fact, patients undergo a fragmented and badly coordinated therapy path, from reception to resignation.  Hence, it is important to open a treament planning and coordination process that is shared with  the Institutes, solidarity service providers and networks. The criterion will have to precisely follow this sequence. Experience teaches us that efficient health care assistance is the result of a rational coordination of the resources available.

This is the reason why organizing resources that are already on the territory is our main goal as is assisting patients who are not self-sufficient, not clinically or funciontally, but in terms of quality of life. Wellbeing will not stand anymore for absence of pathology, it will depend on the quality of life. We will take care of patients’ sufference and needs by mainly focusing on and strenghtening their remaing functions.