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Stefano Cerrato, AISOS Operations Director, presented the event that AISOS organized as part of the Tennis and Friends event

Roberto Biagini, Head of Oncological Orthopedics at the Regina Elena Hospital, framed osteosarcoma as a rare malignant tumor that occurs in Italy in 100-120 cases a year. At first it was treated only with surgery, while now modern drug therapies have significantly increased survival rates. The disease involves complex treatment and is a testbed for many collaborative models as a multidisciplinary approach is needed to address it effectively. The treatment period is long and it is very important that the patient is also followed from a psychological point of view both through the intervention of professionals and through contact with other people who have faced and overcome the disease.

Alessandra Vitale, Captain of the Italian National Sitting Volleyball Team and Ambassador of the Italian Paralympic Committee, recovered from osteosarcoma, confirmed how, even in her experience, in the dark moments willpower and the relationship with doctors are important but above all the confrontation with other people who have had bad experiences. She then told her story about her and the importance of always having a positive mindset in the face of any obstacle in life.

Melita Cavallo, Vice President of AISOS, spoke about how AISOS is committed to bringing out the so-called marginal positive in people, which helps to create a relationship that goes beyond that of doctor-patient.

Marco Carniti, Director and Artistic Director of AISOS, recalled how we must be convinced that everything is possible in life and that we must take an example from people like Alessandra Vitale to tackle our little daily problems, look for and find the magical sparks that we all have. inside and that help us overcome adversity.

Finally, Francesca Maddalena Terracciano, President of AISOS recalled how we are all connected in a network of love and we must take the opportunity to be there at the right time without filters to make a difference.

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