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Giorgia was 6 years old and was in first grade.
A little girl like many others, with her dreams and a great passion for artistic gymnastics.

One evening, after training, she began to feel severe pain in her right leg. It seemed just a muscle inflammation, but the pain did not go away. At first it was intermittent but then it began to intensify.

After a few weeks of medical checks, the diagnosis arrived: osteosarcoma.

It was a real cold shower, but thanks to her parents, doctors, and her character, Giorgia found the strength to face the difficult path that, as always happens, began with chemotherapy cycles. Looking at the photo of a singer who had undergone the same treatment as her to destroy that “pebble” as she called it, Giorgia knew that she would do it.

Unfortunately, after chemotherapy, the tumor was still present and it was necessary to undergo surgery for the amputation of the leg.

It could have ended up there, it could have been the end of her butterfly dreams, but one day, leaning against the wall of her hospital room, she was inspired to try to do a handstand again.
And she succeeded.

At that moment Giorgia found her determination and her smile again.

A year passes, and Giorgia manages to return to the gym and resume training with great enthusiasm and passion. Nothing has changed for her. She is tiring, but she has only one thought in mind: don’t make mistakes, always improve.

A few more years pass and Giorgia is now a real talent. It is thrilling to see her twirl. She participates in the 2021 edition of Italy’s Got Talent and reaches the final, winning everyone’s hearts.

She didn’t win the final but it doesn’t matter, in reality she has already won and she teaches us to go further and to face our frailties with courage and determination.

Thanks Giorgia, we all cheer for you.

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