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On 26.11.2015 the conference entitled “AISOS yesterday and today” was held at the representative office of Banco BPM in Palazzo Altieri in Piazza del Gesù in Rome.

The work of the congress, coordinated by the journalist Luca Collodi, was opened by the greeting of the landlord, the lawyer Sergio Marullo di Condoianni, president of the territorial committee of the Central South of Banco Popolare and by the intervention of Dr. Stefano Cerrato who illustrated Banco Popolare’s constant commitment to third sector activities and projects, including through the provision of advanced banking technology services.

The special guest of the conference was Fabrizio Macchi, Paralympic athlete and AISOS testimonial, who talked about his experience with osteosarcoma which began when he was very young and AISOS still did not even exist, focusing above all on the importance, for the purposes of healing, of attitude with which challenges are faced since the real limits are in the mind, and not in the physical.

Matteo Garrone, director and AISOS testimonial, also spoke to talk about the possible role of cinema in spreading the knowledge of osteosarcoma, also ensuring his personal commitment to support AISOS and his activities.

Carlo Della Rocca, vice president of the Scientific Committee of AISOS, focused on the lack of knowledge of osteosarcoma which is often responsible for the diagnostic delay and above all on the lack of investments aimed at researching new therapies for rare diseases that despite the lack of media coverage however, they are characterized by a great social and emotional impact. In recent years the survival rate from osteosarcoma has risen a lot but for this to occur some rules must be respected such as orientation, timeliness of diagnosis and the multidisciplinary approach for which highly specialized centers and activities of entities such as AISOS.

Barbara Peruzzi, biotechnology researcher and member of the AISOS Scientific Committee spoke about the state of the research and specifically about the “Meravigliose speranze” project funded by Just Italia and carried out at the Bambin Gesù Pediatric Hospital, focused on the study of some mechanisms of cell reproduction tumors.

Melita Cavallo, president of the Juvenile Court of Rome and Vice President of AISOS, spoke of the importance of the institution of foster care, in some cases indispensable when dealing with a complex disease such as osteosarcoma which mainly affects children and even very young teens.

Dr. Terracciano, President of AISOS, spoke about the association’s commitment in responding to the multiple complexities and challenges generated by osteosarcoma and Paolo Botti, Secretary General of AISOS, gave the testimony of the way in which he approached the association and of how the contact with the disease, even if not directly experienced, forces a change of perspective that helps to put the things of everyday life back in the right dimension and to understand what things really are important.

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