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On 7 October 2014 AISOS celebrated its 10th birthday in the wonderful setting of the Casina di Macchia Madama in Rome.

Prof. Carlo Della Rocca, co-founder of AISOS, welcomed those present recalling how the birth of the association was inspired by the attempt to put some order in the management of osteosarcoma, not so much from the point of view scientific as well as from the client’s point of view. In fact, osteosarcoma is a fairly rare disease that creates disorientation in patients and their families. AISOS was born precisely to become a national and international reference point both for the reception and orientation of patients, for dissemination to health professionals, and for the financing of research projects that are increasingly important as the one financed by the Just Italia Foundation and in progress at the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome. Particularly important is the contribution made by AISOS in the treatment of small patients from foreign countries where they could hardly have access to effective treatments.

Paolo Botti, Secretary General of AISOS, talked about his meeting with AISOS and with the young osteosarcoma patients and how this made him change his perspective and decide to collaborate permanently with the association to improve the assistance system more and more. around osteosarcoma patients and their families.

Melita Cavallo, President of the Juvenile Court of Rome, recalled how the right to health is a constitutionally guaranteed right and that AISOS also strives to give answers, trust and hope to the families of young patients affected by osteosarcoma.

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