Titolo tesi:
Realizzazione di un sitema di microancoraggio per protesi artificiali

Accoppiamento diretto di mani robotiche o protesi con il complesso osseo radio-ulna

Abstract: A new method of mechanically connecting artificial or robotic hands to the human arm is herein described. The idea is based on techniques which make use of fracture fixation devices, very well known in orthopedics. The presented connecting system consists in a real 3 DOF (w.r.t. the humerus) mechanism that has two end plates which are fixed directly, one on the radius, on the ulna the other. Since the system is a new concept project, no data exists about its reliability. Therefore, in the paper, a feasibility study on the most delicate components is described. In particular, FEA has been performed on the screws and on the bone-nut-screws, and some experimental tests in vitro have been made on a pig rib.


Prof. Ing. Nicola Pio Belfiore
Ing. Massimiliano Scaccia
Ing. Matteo Verotti
Ing. Junior Andrea Cappellani