Tax treatment of donations

AISOS is an NPO ( Non-Profit Organization). Pursuant to the Leg. Dec. no. 460/97,  any private citizen can deliberately decide the tax treatment for their donations.

According to the regulation regarding donations to NPOs, there are two tax advantages:

  • Detracting 19% of the donation from IRPEF (personal income tax) up to a maximum of 2,065.83 Euros per year.
  • Detracting from your income any donations, cash offering of new or used goods, for an amount lower than 10% of your income and, in any case, up to a maximum of 70,000 euros every year.

For further details please download the form on the website of the Italian Revenue Agency

Donate your 5×1000 to AISOS NPO. Help us defeat Osteosarcoma.

Join the numerous group of people who already support our fight and help us give a future to our young patients.

Just insert this fiscal code number 08433741009 and your signature into the dedicated box on your income declaration.

Your act of love can make the difference!

Why donating your 5×1000 to AISOS?

Osteosarcoma is a rare and hidden disease that is hard to identify and to cure.

AISOS NPO has been working since the very beginning on several aspects, from the improvement of diagnosis techniques to the definition of more and more effective therapeutic protocols, from support to advanced research projects to the creation of scholarships and psychoanalysis and onchology training courses.

All our activities are focused on patients, mainly children, and on the difficult path they and their families go through after diagnosis.

With your 5×1000, we can proceed with the hard task of defeating this disease!!!

How to donate your 5×1000 to AISOS?

As an NPO registered to the Record of the Revenue Agency, any natural person or company can donate a share (5×1000) of their income declaration to AISOS.

The 5×1000 is not an additional cost for the donator as it is calculated from the taxes to pay and it does not replace nor alter the 8×1000 for religious bodies.

In CUD, 730 and UNICO there is a dedicated box for the donation of the 5×1000 where donators can insert AISOS’s fiscal code 08433741009 and put their signature, as shown in the figures below.