Solidarity gifts

Solidarity favors

The tradition of the favor given on the occasion of weddings, baptisms, graduations, confirmations, birthdays, anniversaries, or communions, is an essential custom.

To enrich this gift with greater significance, give the guests an AISOS SOLIDARITY FAVOR!

Choose the most suitable object for your special occasion and you will contribute to the care and assistance of children with osteosarcoma and their families.

The contribution for solidarity gifts is in the form of a liberal payment, therefore deductible as per the legislation currently in force for NGOs.

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Solidarity corporate gifts

Social Responsibility is in the code of ethics of every large company and support for non-profit organizations offers tangible benefits such as a great return on the public image as well as the fact that donations are deductible.

AISOS treats, helps, informs and promotes the prevention and correct and timely diagnosis of osteosarcoma. This is why we think we are an ideal partner for any company that feels its social responsibility strongly.

Thanks to AISOS solidarity gifts you can transform a normal recurrence into an extraordinary moment of solidarity in which you can also involve your collaborators, your customers or your suppliers.

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