Offer your time to support AISOS

em>“Volunteers are people who fulfill their obligations as citizens and dedicate their time and skills to others, to the belonging community or to the all human beings. They work for free and promote creative and efficient responses to those who need their help or they contribute to the creation of common good”.

Principles of Volunteers, art. 1


Why doing it?

There are many people who have decided to dedicate their time to support the research and help AISOS fight against osteosarcoma: they are a testimony of the efforts and values we want to convey. They are common people, just like you. Some of them are former patients who have cured and who support those who have to fight against this disease.

AISOS NPOs is not looking for professionals. We are looking for people who want to help and dedicate their skills and talents to patients.

If you want to help us support people with osteosarcoma and raise public awareness on how important defeating Osteosarcoma is, please contact us and join our network!