Decide today what you can do tomorrow

With a testamentary bequest to AISOS there will be no more obstacles for our young patients and the world will open as a starry sky”

Make your values and principles live forever.


Why doing a testamentary bequest to AISOS?

AISOS is the national milestone for the cure of Osteosarcoma, primitive bone cancer. We help patients and their families go through this hard path with our team of doctors and specialists. AISOS has been actively working for 10 years, every day, and we will keep on doing it because the future of children suffering from this disease is the future of our country as well.

This is the reason why a testatmentary bequest to AISOS is a simple act of love: it is like giving a part of you which will live forever.

Think that one day, one of these young patients might be telling their children that a person gave them the future they are living.


How to do a testamentary bequest

A testament is a legal way to decide how to manage our goods in the future, based on our ideals: part of the assets is for the legitimate heirs, spouse, children or parents.

You can decide to include the people you love the most in the testament and donate to AISOS NPO personal assets, properties, life assurance or the entire assets.

This gift, be it small or big, might give hope to children fighting against osteosarcoma.

Follow your heart, offer a donation or leave a testamentary bequest to AISOS: an extraordinary gesture that will bring your name, now and forever.

To know more about our activities and on how to leave a testamentary bequest or offer a big donation, CONTATCT US.