Companies as well can help!

Companies with social responsibility are becoming more and more recognized by the public opinion that wants to reward efforts towards scientific, social and cultural progress of the whole community.

Supporting AISOS’s mission and providing concrete financial help to  the research to fight Osteosarcoma can enrich your brand with prestige and importance. This is an enrichment any interlocutor can see: employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers.

How can your company give a contribution?

Charitable donations

Charitable donations to AISOS are simple, fast and give hope to many children with osteosarcoma. Furthermore, generosity pays back: all donations to AISOS deductible from taxes.

Donation of goods and skills

Donating your knowledge and skills is a wonderful way to help the community.

CONTATCT us if you want to help A.I.SOS. defeat osteosarcoma!


Tax treatment of donations

The donation of your firm will help AISOS fight against osteosarcoma and it will also show your support outside thus giving you the chance to benefit tax advantages.

Charitable donations through any forms of payment, exception made for cash payment, allow donators to benefit from the following tax advantages within the limits and conditions provided for in the Italian regulations and procedures in  force:

  • Deductible up to 2,065.83 Euro or 2% of the firm’s income declaration (art. 100 p. 2 let. h of D.P.R. 917/86)
  • Deductible up to 10% of the income declaration up to 70.000 Euros (art. 14 L.D. 35/2005)

To know more about it, please read this document on the website of the Revenue Agency or contatact us directly.