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SMS campaing with Gigi Proietti

SMS campaign videos with Gigi Proietti were broadcast on all local netwoorks from July 5-20, 2014 and from October 1-20, 2014. Read >

A.I.S.OS. NPO participated to Fondazione JUST Italia’s national announcement

“A great CAUSE for a great CHALLENGE “: A.I.S.OS. won Fondazione JUST Italia’s national announcement with the project named “Study of the mechanisms at the basis of the pathogenesis of osteosarcoma” Read >

A.I.S.OS.’s project

AISOS’s project named “Study of the mechanisms at the basis of the pathogenesis of osteosarcoma” that won Fondazione JUST Italia’s national announcement is a 200,000.00 euro project.  This project studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms causing osteosarcoma, especially focusing on microvescicules (MVs) as intercellular mediatiors between tumoral and bone residing cells. Read >

A.I.S.OS’s Commercial: “Il tempo è Vita” (“Time is Life”).

February 1- 10, 2013, AISOS 2013 awareness campaign commercial named “ Il tempo è vita” was broadcast on the radios of Gruppo Finelco of Alberto Hazan – Radio 105, Radio Monte Carlo, Virgin Radio – “AISOS fights to destroy osteosarcoma, a tumor, a terrible disease attacking bones and destroying your life. If you are listening, help us save 5 children out of 5” The voice of the children are Davide and Edoardo’s. Read >

September 5-6, the commercial with AISOS testimonial, Pupi Avati, on air

Pupi Avati has offered his image and voice to remember that until 30 years ago only 1 patient out of 5 survived while instead today 3 patients out of 4 make it. But we want all of them to survive. Pupi Avati and AISOS “need a hand…your hand” Read >

A.I.S.OS. NPO: guest on “La vita in diretta”

On Wednesday November 24, 2010, at 6.30 pm, A.I.S.OS. was invited on La Vita in Diretta, a famous Italian TV show aired in the afternoon on Rai Uno Channel. The show presenter, Lamberto Sposini, who was really sensitive on this topic and on our efforts for the research, cure and prevention. Read >

Interview on Radio1

Emanuela Valenti intervews Francesca Maddalena Terracciano, founder and president of A.I.S.OS. Read >

A.I.S.OS. guest on SKY Sport 24, to talk about the acitivities performed by the association

Also SKY Sport 24, the first Italian sport news channel invited AISOS on Thursday, Novemeber 11, 2010, during the sport newscast presented by Fabio Guadagnini where we talked about our activities and our testimonials like Fabrizio Macchi, a road-cycling paralympic champion. Read>

A.I.S.OS. interviewed on Radio Montecarlo

The speaker Massimo Valli interviews Francesca Maddalena Terracciano, founder and president of A.I.S.OS. Read >

A.I.S.OS. guest on SKY TG24 for the opening of the fundraising

On Monday, November 8, 2010 at 4.00 pm, AISOS was invited on SKY TG24, thanks to the Emilio Carelli’s awareness, for the opening of the fundraising to support A.I.S.OS. with this number: 45598. A.I.S.OS. thanks to SKY TG24 for being available in helping us. Read >

A.I.S.OS. guest on “ La domenica sportiva estate”

Sunday, July 25, 2010, A.I.S.OS. was invited on “La Domenica Sportiva Estate on Rai 2” thanks to the Director Eugenio De Paoli’s awareness and the professional presenter Ivana Cavvari. On this occasion ASOS expressed a very important message: accomodating families in a structured path aiming at improving more and more diagnosis and cure of this disease… Read>

A.I.S.OS. interviewed on Radio3

The presenter Oreste Bossini interviews Francesca Maddalena Terracciano to talk about A.I.S.OS.’s project Read >

A.I.S.OS. guest on TG1

The President of the association, Francesca Maddalena Terracciano, told Janssen’s story during A.I.S.OS.’s fundraising Read>

RTL 102.5 supports A.I.S.OS. – Associazione Italia Studio Osteosarcoma

RTL 102.5 supported Aisos’s SMS campaign from 20/07/2010 to 24/07/2010. AISOS’s founder and presenter, Francesca Maddalena Terracciano, was interviewd on the programme named “Non stop news” on RTL 102.5 Read >

A.I.S.OS. interviewed on Radio Vaticana

AISOS’s founder and president Francesca Maddalena Terracciano was interviewed by the journalist  Eliana Astorri on the fundraising for the 5×1000 campaign on Radio Vaticana’s radio programme “INfatti”.

A.I.S.OS. guest on “UnoMattina”

The project on the preclinical and experimental approach to molecular treament of osteosarcoma will proceed and it will be completed thanks to the fundraising campaing supporting the research. Aisos’s fight against this tumor, mainly affecting childreen and teens, gives proof of how fundamental financial and psychological resources are to welcome, support and assist young patients and their families and that early diagnosis is the only effective cure. Read >

A.I.S.OS. on RAI channels

AISOS’s awareness campaign in support of the fight against osteosarcoma landed on Geo & geo, one of RAI’s best known show. On Tuesday, May 26, 2009, during this show on nature and science aired on Rai 3 from 5-7pm on…Read >

Enzo Decaro with A.I.S.OS. against osteosarcoma

Actor Enzo Decaro as well joined the fight against Osteosarcoma, a malignant bone tumor mainly affecting male children and teens. Read >