Training and information

Osteosarcoma is a tumor mainly occurring in children. It appears suddenly. It is not a secondary disease related to others. It arises at night along with burning pain that no standard painkillers can ease.

When the children start feeling the pain, they do not tell their parents in order to protect them and not have them worry. They are afraid they will no more able to do same things they used to do like playing with their friends and to be isolated. Parents see they have bruises that do not go away but children usually happen to have bruises when playing so they do not pay much attention to it.

It is only when the burning pain becomes unbearable that the children speak to their parents who, unaware whom to turn to, speak with their general practitioner or pediatrician who are not sufficiently informed and updated thus prolonging for diagnosis.

For this reason, A.I.S.OS. organizes update seminars and courses for doctors, specialists and health care professionals in order to reduce the time in making the diagnosis and to identify the disease faster.

Time is a crucial element for osteosarcoma. Even just a 20-day delay might cause significant consequences on patients.

This can be avoided with information and training.