Osteosarcoma is a highly-unfavourable-prognosis tumor. However, with current therapeuthic protocols (pre and post-operation chemotherapy, bone resection and following installation of prosthesis) and in case of an early diagnosis, the situation has improved with respect to death rate and quality of life.

For this reason, speaking also of Motor Rehabilitation has sense as most of the patients undergo highly-toxic chemotherapy treatment and more or less demolishing surgical operations.

This is the reason why we want to develop a rehabilitation protocol to integrate with the existing ones in order to build a path to improve life conditions of patients with osteosarcoma.

After the first chemotherapy cycle, a physiatric control is performed to check patients’ clinical status, especially posture and muscular tone as well as to take proper measures on the case.

A specialistic physiatric control is definitely necessary after the operation to reactivate the functions of the aggrieved limb or compensate the lost functions as well as to adjust posture problems arising from destroying sirurgical operations.

For the above-mentioned reasons, doctors following the clinical path of patients with osteosarcoma (orthopedic surgeons, onchologists, psychologists) need to be backed up by a  rehabilitation team in order to mantain and improve their daily life activities.

A.I.S.OS. NPO’s goal is to develop optimal paths improving assitance to patients with osteosarcoma with the rehabilitation team offering services at home or at the clinic, in structures certified by the Sistema Sanitario Regionale (Regional Health Care System) which can fully assist patients.