During rehabilitation

During rehabilitation, the same procedure of the pre-operation phase is followed. The “support partner” helps patients go back to school activities and manage the contact with the school. During rehabilitation, adopting focal psychotherapy in case of amputations or mobility difficulties to treat patients’ narcissistic wound likely to impact on the rehabilitation compliance is highly recommended.

In case a patient dies, the neuropsychological team, especially the neuropsychiatrist and psychologist, needs to develop a minimum 2-year project to help the family grieve and mantain their resilience. This project is open to all close relatives (parents, siblings, nephews, grandchildren as well as brothers and sisters in law) and offers both group and individual psychotherapeutic supports.

Our neuropsychiatric team also indirectly provides support to patients and their families due to logistic reasons. Patients need to be reached through technical tools (tablets, smartphones, computers) allowing a clear and sentimentally significant communication. This service needs to be available 24/7 and the specialized team has to work in shifts.

In order to improve the intervention project and evaluate its impact on the patients’ life and on compliance improvement, positive patients are treated over time and evaluated again after two and five years.

An average 2-year project like this one requires a total of 1000 hours exclusive of 24/7 assistance service.