Our goal is to activate a system of specific actions to support the health care organization which is unable to independently provide customized protocols. Our professionals will work on a programme that has the following goals:

  • activating a MANAGEMENT SYSTEM involving local service providers;
  • activating an OPERATIVE SYSTEM formalizing assitance procedure, starting from sectorial experience to then expand more and more, aiming at continuous improvement;
  • activating a GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM including the creation of a data base, classification of treatments and patients using them, integration and connection among the parties of the organization;
  • activating a VERIFICATION AND INSPECTION BODY from the intervention to the development of the relationship between bodies and services, services and operators and operators and patients;
  • activating an UPDATE AND TRAINING PROGRAMME in sinergy with the ECM model, to train home health care assistants and to select specialized assistants and technicians from recognized bodies;
  • activating EDUCATION, DIVULGATION AND INFORMATION, through professional exchanges, interchange update, telecommunication, computers and newsletters;

For the extension of the research protocol, we will try to create a Healthcare Assistance Desk in every structure helping patients access sociomedical service network.

The information system requires the use of techologies (online rescue service, telemedicine, tele-assistance) ensuring home assistance service to young patients and to their family after resignation, in order to avoid social isolation in the future.

In the management system, the intent of promoting the growth of parties from profit and no-profit organizations must be clear.

The synergy of this system leads towards a logistic assistance approach including cases such as patients’ isolation, reinsertion challenge, treatment potentialities, and escape to other regions or countries. One of the main objectives is to transfer patients to specific structures and to requalify sociomedical operators.

The verification and inspection body will control all partners as all of them will obviously have to perform their activity following shared quality standards.