When the service is organized, afference is provided through a specific divulgation:

  • Qualified centers;
  • Advertisement;
  • Sociomedical public structures;
  • General practitioner
  • Health care training

The intervention includes reception, sirurgical treatment as well as prosthetization and rehabilitation therapy. Protected Resignations then become the new center of the clinical path.

Resigned patients needing health care must have the chance to use a service offered by those who took care of them.

Making reference to the “Caring” and trust are crucial. The general practioner must be the main sender.

High tech, High touch”. The WHO used this slogan to indicate the need of taking care of patients based on an advanced technical and scientifical relationship.

The healing work enlarged families performed in the past, which is now neglected and led to dispersion and disintegration of boundaries by the society, is to be recovered.