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A.I.S.OS. (Associazione Italiana per lo Studio dell’Osteosarcoma “ONLUS”/Italian Association for the Study Of Osteosarcoma NPO) was founded to help improve prevention and diagnosis of this particular type of bone tumor mainly affecting young people. We work in close collaboration with the Dipartimento di Scienze e Biotecnologie Medico Chirurgiche of “Sapienza Università di Roma”, the Istituto di Neuropsichiatria Infantile della “Sapienza Università di Roma” as well as with other public and private Institutions.

Osteosarcoma, in general terms a rare neoplasm, is the most common primitive malignant bone tumor. This often high-grade tumor is thought to arise from primitive mesenchymal bone-forming cells, and its histologic hallmark is the production of malignant osteoid and cancellous bone. It is the main cause for 10% of malignant tumors in teenagers. When Osteosarcoma is diagnosed, patients’ body is very likely to have already metastases. For this reason, this disease is treated as a systemic disease.

The Association’s main role is to improve aggregation and communication among the different specialistic doctors and the other professionals working at the Health Care Department, in order to protect patients diagnosed with Osteosarcoma as well as provide assistance to their families.


  • Accomodates patients and their families and creates a structured path with an information desk working as a bridge between hospitals and doctors;
  • Provides expert advice and guidance;
  • Organizes scientific divulgation and update events;
  • Promotes research activities;
  • Accomodates a Center for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy to take care of patients and their famility before, during and after the operation.

Thank to pre and post-operation chemotherapic protocols and resection of primary tumor, survival rate of 60-80% of the patients diagnosed with Osteosarcoma has increased by 5 years.

Before chemotherapy was discovered, this desease was treated with amputation. Survival rate was 20%, that were patients without methastases when diagnosed. To diagnose and find the proper treatment for patients, a multidisciplinar approach is needed. Doctors from different fields need to work on patients simultaneously and separately. This requires a strong coordination which the reference structures are not always able to provide due to lack of resources and distribution on the territory. In this case, adopting protocols really helps patients receive guidance and psychological support from the moment diagnosis is made.

A.I.S.OS. NPO has used the money raised from its institutional activities to promote, launch and support the following research projects:

  1. “Psychological support to young patients with invalidity, acquired disabilities and psychological risk”
  2. “Preclinical study of target therapy to treat Osteosarcoma with methastases.”
  3. “The role of ezrin in osteosarcoma metastases”.
  4. “Project for the emotional and psychopathological diagnosis and support therapy for children and adolescents with Osteosarcoma”, developped by the Dipartimento di Scienze Neurologiche Psichiatriche e Riabilitative dell’età evolutiva “Giovanni Bollea”, U.O.C.A Neuropschiatria Infantile.
  5. Proposal of Assessment and short-term psychotherapy for pedriatic patients (0-15 years) with Osteosarcoma“. This project includes four psychotherapy paths which are held at the U.O.C.A of the Dipartimentto di Pediatria e Neuropsichiatria Infantile in Via dei Sabelli.

AISOS NPO is composed of a team of pressionals and volunteers helping us pursue our institutional goals. Specialized doctors are supported by a team of volunteers working in local groups as well as in the Association’s offices. Local groups locally divulge AISOS’s mandate through specific initiatives and they also involve Institutions, the academic world and other Associations and NGOs. They also organize public awareness campaigns and help fundraising activities. These groups are composed of volunteers who share the Association’s principles and who have decided to dedicate part of their free time to this, without signing any binding contract.

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